This page was originally set up as a page for information for Toyota Landcruiser enthusiasts, specifically the short wheel base 40 series. I have had other interests such as motorcycle riding and camping in the outback (why else would I have a 4WD) and I have started to include those interests here as well.

My Bikes

I also have a keen interest in bikes and have had a variety over the years. My first bike was a Suzuki 250 cc X7, followed by a Kawasaki Z500, Honda CB 900, a Suzuki GSX 750 and a GSX  1100. My only bike now is the GSX 1100 and the GSX 750 is used for spare parts.

4WD Links

FJ40 Specifications FJ60 Specifications
History 4WDs
Landcruiser Sites
Land Cruiser History


My 4WD's

Welcome to my Home Page. As you can see I am a Toyota Land Cruiser 40 and 60 Series enthusiast. I currently own a  1984 FJ60 Land Cruiser and a 2000 Hilux traytop. I sold my beloved 40 series recently and bought the Hilux as it is more practical for the job I now have.  Over the past 30 years I have also owned an FJ55 Land Cruiser, a 1990 Toyota 4Runner (the first V6 4Runner imported into Australia) and a 1992 75 Series RV Troop Carrier.

My involvement with Toyota 4WD's has now finished. I have become a turncoat and bought a Nissan Navara. However I still have a fond attachment to the Toyota's and one day may have another one (maybe when their price is more competitive).

Bike Links
GSX1100 Model History

Suzuki GSX1100E


Ever since the first one rolled off the boat in 1957 the Land Cruiser has drawn people together. After more than forty years of service, it's reputation of outstanding quality, reliability and "bullet proof" off road performance has secured a global following.

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